Baltic Birch

Birch plywood is one of the most popular varieties of plywood on the market. Baltic birch plywood, specifically, is unique amongst the most durable of plywoods because of its all-birch core. Baltic birch plywood’s inner core is typically made up of sheets of Baltic or Russian birch approximately 1.5 millimeters thick and is laminated with a superior exterior-grade adhesive. This means that there are no holes or voids in the core of the wood, making it exceptionally sturdy.

Baltic birch plywood has excellent screw-holding capabilities because the core layers are a hard birch wood versus a softer wood that can spread and loosen when screws are inserted. The layers of the core are also attractive when viewed from the edge and can be sanded, polished and lacquered without any staining necessary. Baltic birch plywood also has a very thick front and back veneer, making it nearly impossible to accidentally puncture or sand through. Baltic birch is typically made in 5-by-5-foot sheets for the European cabinetry market but can be cut for other projects.


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