2 Seat Bifold Bed 860

$1,860.00 CAD


Note: Custom seat base sold separately.

At Wilderness Vans we’re striving to bring to market quality products that other parts of the world already enjoy.  It’s our turn North America. Now available, the Wilderness Vans Bi-Fold Seat/Bed system is now available, and comes in various widths and colours. We are confident we have something for everyone.

The Bi-Fold seat is ideal when needing a seat right against a cabinet or wall. This seat folds flat and can then be used as a kids bed, or an adult bed when used in conjunction with a front swivel seat.

  • Width: 860 mm (2 Seats)
  • Folded flat length: 1100 mm (3.6 ft)
  • Seat: 450 mm
  • Seat back: 450 mm
  • Upper extension: 200 mm

Includes removable seat slider. Seat frame is E-Coated.

Note: Seats, components, belts and hinges are fully certified, tested and patented in China. Our seats are not tested or certified in Canada or the USA. We recommended that you check with your local laws, and your insurance company before purchase. Wilderness Vans will not be responsible for any injuries or losses sustained by the use of these seats.


Black, Grey, Moab

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