Falcon 2.1 Monotube Rear Shocks – Transit (2013+) Pair

$682.00 CAD

(Approx $496.00 USD)


  • Reduces the back and forth sway over obstacles
  • Enhances cornering stability
  • Controls large and small bumps more efficiently than factory shocks
  • Reduces cross wind sway
  • The system is 100% bolt on
  • Shock dust boots included
  • Installation instructions
  • Manufacturers website

Ford Transits are very capable and versatile vehicles, however many owners have now experienced the stiff factory ride over small bumps and extreme swaying on uneven ruts. Van Compass has developed a custom tuned Falcon rear shock kit to improve the Transit’s handling both on and off the trail. Our custom tuned Falcon shocks smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and sharp, abrupt impacts. The bounce experienced over large bumps is reduced and the side to side sway over uneven surfaces is minimized.

Each set of Falcons shocks are specifically tuned per application. To provide the best ride quality possible, we need an actual weight of YOUR vehicle. This is not the weight on the door sticker stating GVWR. Your local dump or the CAT Scale Locator can be used to get an accurate weight of the vehicle. With weights in hand, reference the chart below for shock tune recommendation.

Shock Tune

Light – Under 7800 lb, Mid – 7800-8900 lb, Heavy – Over 8900 lb

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