Fresair S6 – Van Conversion Kit

$1,940.00 CAD


  • Low Power (12v) – Fresair Van Air Cooler runs <10A/h at full power.
  • Light Weight – 25lbs
  • Low Profile – Streamlined, 3.8″.
  • Includes an 18L Reservoir with universal mounting capability.
  • Adjustable Ceiling Vents – 4 directional vents.
  • Powerful Cooling – Up to 40’ drop in air temperature.
  • Eco-Friendly – Runs on water and 12V at <10A/h.
  • Low noise – No compressor or engine noise.
  • Runs Dry – State of the art evaporative cooling technology delivers cool air, not moisture.
  • Retrofit – Can be used in preexisting 14 x 14 opening
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Manufacturers product page


A massive temperature drop of up to 40°F between ambient temperature and vents can be reached! On average at 85°F ambient temperature, you will see 20°F+ drop. The hotter the environment the larger the drop. Our van air conditioner is a summer-must have for your conversion van!


The Fresair Van Air Conditioner runs <10A/h at full power (tests read approx 7A/h) which is only slightly more than a simple roof fan. Compared to traditional rooftop AC units you’ll be using approximately 20x less power.


Running on water and battery power alone as well triple-filtering the air and running clean, even off solar power alone, Fresair is your green energy solution.


With only needing to replace two pumps (injection & return) and a pine filter approximately once a year, the Fresair is low maintenance.


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