Standard Features
  • 12V electrical system
  • LED lighting
  • USB and 120V electrical outlets
  • 100-350W solar panels
  • Battery monitor
  • Battery bank and circuit breaker panel
  • 15A shore power converter & transfer switch
  • C02/LP detector

Option 1: Victron energy

StageBatterySolar ChargingInverterShore Power ConnectionPower Control UnitPower System User Panel
0.5110Ah 12V AGM100WNo15ABasic monitorNot included
12 x 240Ah 6V AGM220WNo15ABasic monitor + BluetoothNot included
22 x 240Ah 6V AGM220W2000W30ACerbo GX Unit + BluetoothGX Touch Display
3271Ah 12V Lithium350W3000W30ACerbo GX Unit + BluetoothGX Touch 50 Display + Bluetooth
4271Ah 12V Lithium350W3000W30ACerbo GX Unit + BluetoothGX Touch 50 Display + Bluetooth

Option 2: Ecoflow energy Kits

EcoFlow Power Kits offer a modular power solution for your van. Explore the unique features and benefits of the EcoFlow system:

  • Modular Flexibility: EcoFlow offers 5 Included battery levels, ranging from 2kWh to 15kWh, providing you the flexibility to choose the right power capacity for your needs.
  • Real-time Control: Enjoy the convenience of real-time and remote start controls through the control panel and mobile app.
  • Future-Proof Design: The modular system allows for easy battery upgrades, ensuring your system can grow with your energy needs.
  • Advanced Battery Management: EcoFlow’s LPF auto heating batteries, combined with a robust Battery Management System (BMS), ensures optimal performance and longevity.
  • Built-in Protection: The system includes protection systems and a combo AC/DC fuse panel for added safety.
  • Plug & Play: EcoFlow’s user-friendly design makes future upgrades and servicing a breeze.
  • Efficiency and Lowered Temperatures: Operating at 48V, the EcoFlow system provides increased efficiency and reduced operating temperatures.

To learn more, check out the EcoFlow site

Which is right for me?

Choose Victron Energy if:

  • You prefer traditional battery types like AGM.
  • You need a wide range of stage options to suit your specific power requirements.
  • You are looking for various inverter capacities, including a high-power option.
  • You desire a system with comprehensive power control and monitoring features.
  • You are comfortable with a more complex power system

Choose EcoFlow if:

  • You value modular flexibility and the ability to customize your power capacity.
  • You prefer real-time control and the convenience of remote start options.
  • You anticipate potential future power capacity upgrades.
  • You seek an efficient 48V system for improved energy efficiency and temperature management.
  • You are more comfortable with an all-in-one managed solution

Ultimately, your choice between the two systems will depend on your specific power needs, preferences, and the level of customization you desire for your van’s electrical setup. We will help be your guide in determining the best power systems to fit your unique needs.

*Compatible build based on installed electrical system, size of vehicle and other various factors

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