High Rock

The High Rock is a simple floor plan with an elevated rear bed, allowing for bikes below. The open pass-through allows access to gear from inside the van. Extended length cargo vans receive a longer/wider bed.

  • Seats 3-4 (four with 2 seat trifold, and no cassette toilet cabinet)
  • Sleeps 3-4 (three with 1 seat bifold/trifold seat/bed)
  • Raised bed
  • Pass-through garage
  • Standard kitchen galley with folddown counter top extension
  • Outdoor fold down counter
  • Optional toilet cabinet
  • Rear cargo storage
  • Optional upper storage cabinets

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  • Ford Transit 148 Medium/High Roof
  • Ram Promaster 136/159 High Roof
  • Mercedes Sprinter 144 High Roof
Long – Without Upper Cabinets
Long – High Roof Upper Cabinets
Kitchen Galley

High Rock Builds

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