Starting at $45,000.00 CAD

* Price for conversion, not including cargo van.

The Hillcrest floor plan is for the adventure family not wanting to give into the big RV and keep the dream alive by vannin it despite having a larger family. The Hillcrest provides a unique opportunity to transport 5-6 (depending on seat choice), yet have sleeping for 4+ depending on ages. Combine this plan with the addition of a power rear bed or bunks and everyone is taken care of. Seating and sleeping for 5+, large kitchen galley, upper storage, cassette toilet, large rear elevated bed with huge storage possibilities.

  • Seats 5-6
  • Sleeps 4+
  • 3 or 4 Seat Bifold Bed (1700mm)
  • Under seat storage
  • Standard size kitchen galley
  • Upper storage cabinets
  • Toilet cabinet
  • Raised bed
  • Garage with side storage (optional pull out storage)
  • Includes all standard features

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