Dometic MO 9722R Two-burner Stove/Sink Combination

$949.00 CAD

(Approx $697.00 USD)

A compact two-burner stovetop with integrated sink. Bringing quality on-board facilities to even the smallest of kitchen spaces.

The Dometic MO 9722R cooktop with sink combo is a well-designed, compact appliance to add to a van, trailer, or truck camper. Fueled by LP-Gas and a piezo ignition, you can be cooking in just moments. This product also features a fold-down faucet (not-included), making this a perfect two in one appliance for your kitchen space. Finally, it also includes a fold-down heat resistant tempered glass lid, allowing you to switch from cooking, to an open counter conveniently and quickly, making this product ideal for a variety of tight cooking spaces.
  • Compact sink/two-burner hob combination
  • Sink can be positioned on either side of burners
  • Two heat resistant safety glass lids that can provide extra work space when closed
  • Easy-to-clean detachable pan grids
  • Supplied with siphon and rubber seal
  • Safety ignition system
  • Taps purchased separately


  • Dimensions product depth: 325 mm
  • Dimensions product height: 178mm
  • Dimensions product width: 760mm
  • Input voltage (DC): 12 V

Regulator is required for operation.

Sink Position

Left, Right



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