Mod Leg Replacement Wall Mount

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MOD Leg Replacement Wall Mount:

  • The MOD Leg system can be used to redefine spaces, acting as a support for a dining table, desk, or workspace while seamlessly changing positions with only one mounting location. For added flexibility, install a second wall base to easily move your tabletop wherever you need it most.
  • This extra Wall Base kit allows for an unobtrusive additional positioning of a table with MOD Leg within a space.
  • Robust, plastic shim spacer (included) provides additional space off the wall for the rotation of the vertical leg if needed.
  • Table top, MOD leg, and screws are not included in this kit – please source screws that work for your wall type and placement.
  • Spacer and mounting plate are 6.69” h x 3.74”w
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